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I am Ruben van der Bijl, your Sales Manager for AMI Amsterdam. This month we have a fantastic selection of AMS specials of our very very best rates for a handful of destinations ex AMS.

I would like to keep you up to date with these monthly specials and help provide you with the best solutions that suit your business. Simply book an online sales consultation, by selecting The Netherlands Sales Consultation option from the below booking calendar and book your chosen date and time.

We are a 100% neutral global air freight wholesaler with 27 offices around the globe.

Challenge us to beat your existing rates.
We can offer highly competitive rates, especially for smaller shipments.

Challenge us to beat your existing levels of service.
We work with all the major airlines to offer you multiple service options to many destinations.

Challenge us to beat your existing levels of support.
We can arrange pick up, screening and final mile solutions.

I look forward to discussing your business more during our call.

Kind Regards

Ruben van der Bijl
e: Ruben.vanderBijl@airmenzies.com